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Grandfather Berg

There isn’t a lot of documented history, but I will share all that I have found and continue to find here in Australia, and Sweden.

Through these pages I will introduce you to…

My Swedish Grandfather.

Göteborg, Sweden 1877

Sweden (Image by

Adolf Wilhelm Bergman’s birth on the 3rd April 1877 in Gothenburg (Göteborg) Sweden was the start of the Berg Family History as we know it today.

Adolf’s mother was Bertha Amelia Alexandra Dahlberg and his father was Otto Wilhelm (Johansson) Bergman (each will have their own page and story).

While little is known about them individually, we can piece together part of their lives through Census forms and other historical information.

Much of this would not have been possible without the assistance of a Swedish friend (thank you, Yvonne, for translating Swedish documents), and a contact from the Archives research team. Sylvia read my plea for help from the Archives Forum and used her research skills to provide valuable information, as well as to prompt more questions than we had answers for.

But most valuable of all is the information handed down through the family: the stories my father told us, and the photos and stories in Aunty Marie’s collection.

This story begins in Sweden, and ends in Australia.

Let the journey begin.