Adolf’s Swedish Family

Adolf’s parents were:

Otto Bergman (Johansson) and Bertha Amalia Alexandra Dahlberg.


Otto Wilhelm Bergman (Johansson) was born on the 7th November 1847 in Klara, Stockholm, and died in an accident at Partille Railway Station, Göteborg on the 14th November 1884.

Otto’s parents were Johan Bergman and Lovisa Jansdr (Jansdotter). No information has been found about the lives of Otto’s parents, other than they had four sons.

Carl August b. 16 February 1835

Johan Oscar b. 10 April 1837

Axel Theodor b. 24 July 1839

Otto Vilhelm b. 7 November 1847.

Bertha Amalia Alexandra Dahlberg

Bertha Amelia Alexandra Dahlberg was born on the 25 September 1851 and died on the 1 June 1934, in Göteborg. Bertha’s parents were:

Carl Johan Dahlberg and Helena Bengtsdotter.

More information about Bertha’s family will be added progressively.


Otto Bergman and Bertha Dahlberg had three children during their short married life:

Adolf Bergman b. 3 April 1877; d. 14 November 1959

Axel Bergman b. 13 December 1878; d. March 1968

Signe Bergman b. 13 March 1881;

Each of Adolf’s family members will eventually have a separate page dedicated to them (see Menu Bar for updates).

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