Otto Wilhelm Bergman (Johansson)


Otto was born in Stockholm on 7th November 1847. His parents were Lovisa Jansdr (daughter of Jan, in the Patronymic system), and Johan Bergman.

Finding information about Otto was made easier by the addition of Lovisa’s name on the 1890 Census, along with Otto, Bertha and Adolf. The fact that Lovisa was in the household on the day of the Census provided a starting point when looking for Otto’s birth registration.

Otto was given the patronymic name of Johansson (Johan’s son) on his Baptism registration. It seems it was up to the Church as to which form of the name was recorded. Documents throughout his life suggest Otto used the non-patronymic name of Bergman.

Otto’s father was Johan Bergman b. 14 April 1803 in Stockholm and as far as I can tell from the form, he was a Caretaker (vaktmäst).

Lovisa Jansdotter (Jansdr): b. 17 March 1805 Ö Ryd (could be short for Östra Ryd, a very small municipality in Östergötland County).

Johan and Lovisa had four sons:

  • Carl August Bergman: 14 February 1835
  • Johan Oscar Bergman: 10 April 1837
  • Axel Theodor Bergman: 24 July 1839
  • Otto Vilhelm Bergman: 7 November 1847

Otto was only thirty-seven when he died in a railway accident at Partilled Station in Göteborg in 1884. The accident happened at approximately 9pm on the 14th November, just one week after his birthday. Otto apparently jumped down from the carriage before the train had come to a complete stop and slipped between the carriages. He was killed instantly.

Swedish account of Otto’s death 14th November 1884
(Translation: Google). Killed on the railway. Regarding the accident previously mentioned in the telegram at Partilled, G. P writes:
The conductor Otto Bergman from this town, about 37 years old, was run over at 9 o'clock on Tuesday evening at Partilled's railway station, with the consequence that he died immediately from the severe injuries received. Bergman, who was serving on the lower freight train, jumped off it before it had completely stopped and fell between two carriages, whereby one carriage went over and crushed him before the train had completely stopped, which took a few seconds due to the slipperiness of the tracks. The one who died so sadly leaves a widow and 3 children.

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