Signe Augusta Bergman

Signe Augusta, the only daughter of Otto Bergman and Bertha Amalia Alexandra Dahlberg, was born on 13 March 1881.

Little is known of her life, other than she was only three years old when her father was tragically killed in a railway accident at Partille Station in 1884.

At the time of the 1890 Census, taken in December of that year, Signe was living at home with her mother, Bertha, and her brother, Axel. Adolf, the oldest of the three children was not registered at the same address as his mother and siblings, although he was only thirteen years old at the time. A search of Census records located Adolf on the form of an Orphanage in Göteborg.

The 1900 and 1910 Census records show Signe as still living at home. Adolf was also in the same house with Bertha and his siblings in 1900, but was missing from the family home in 1910.

Signe married Albert Edvin Olsson (b. 16 Mar 1879) on 7 April 1917. I have not found any record of Signe having had any children, but I will continue to search.

While no exact date of death has been found, Signe is buried in the same grave as her husband, Albert Edvin Olsson and a burial date for Signe is: 13 October 1959, which is one-month and a day before the death of her brother, Adolf.

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