Axel Mauritz Englebert Bergman

On the 13 December, 1878, Axel was born in Göteborg (Gothenburg). He was the second son of Otto Vilhelm Bergman (Johansson) and Bertha Amalia Alexandra Dahlberg, and the younger brother of Adolf Wilhelm Bergman.

While there seems to be a little more information available about Axel, his life story is still filled with significant gaps.

The Census records of 1890, 1900 and 1910 indicate that Axel was living at home with Bertha and Signe in Göteborg. Adolf only appears at the family residence on the Census of 1900.

Axel married Valfrida (Walfrida) Eleonora Hammerberg (b. 5 February 1876) on the 2 August 1914. This is verified through Swedish documents that I will post a reference to in the Documents section of this site.

Valfrida’s father was Johan Wilhelm Hammarberg and her mother was Kristina Larsdotter.

Axel and Valfrida had a son, Axel Gunnar Bergman, born on the 9 December 1919. I have verified this through various Swedish sites and will add documentation to the Documents list.

The most outstanding information came to light this morning as I was searching for confirmation of Axel’s date of death. On the website Swedish Graves, I found six people listed in the ‘grave’ information under the name of Axel Gunnar Bergman. The names are (in descending order of death):

  • Margit Hildergard Sofia Bergman (Bergholtz) – buried 4 October 2013
  • Axel Gunnar Bergman – buried 6 March 2000
  • Emy Elvira Johansson – buried 5 December 1991
  • Axel Mauritz Englebert Bergman – buried 19 March 1968
  • Eleonora Valfrida Bergman (Hammarberg) – buried 21 October 1949
  • Berta Amalia Alexandra Bergman (Dahlberg) – buried 6 June 1934

Margit Bergman (Bergholtz) was married to Axel Gunnar Bergman.

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